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High Plains Drilling, Inc.: Its Beginning

Marcus Frandsen started well drilling at the age of SIX with his dad in 1958. "I enjoyed drilling anytime I got the chance to do so." Marcus's dad had a 1200 acre farm; he needed wells on the land for irrigation. First the family hired a driller who brought a drill rig out to the farm, but the drill operator had personal challenges and was not able to continue to drill. His dad and his brothers bought the drill rig and with a lot of luck they got water. They have continued to drill wells ever since. "It has been a good life, hard work, a lot of luck, patience, and help from above." "We have drilled over a thousand wells up to 2008."

Since 1977 Marcus and his wife were involved in their own drilling business and in 1982 Marcus established the business under High Plains Drilling, Inc. His 5-year old son Travis started helping his dad as soon as he got out of kindergarten. Later his Tim joined the group. Although it is still a family business with Marcus and Travis drilling, Tim installing pumps, Carol working in the office, there are several more employees. Currently there are five certified drillers including Marcus's brother Danny who virtually has the ability to do anything when it comes to drilling. "He's a real handy man and it is truly every man's dream to work together as a family."

"It has been a good life and it is really exciting to drill wells through all the various ground formations to get water." Sometimes lots of water with flows ranging from 4 gallons per minute from a 4" diameter well up to 20,000 gallons per minute in a 36" diameter well. For the most part we get plenty of water but sometimes not quite enough.

When irrigation wells were in huge demand, High Plains Drilling, Inc. was operating 7 cable drill rigs and 2 rotary drill rigs to keep up with the pace. At the present time the company operates 3 rotary drill rigs and 4 cable drill rigs. With a good crew of workers, the company is able to supply water for hundreds of people every year.

Feel free to Contact Us anytime about your job.

— Marcus, Travis, Tim, & Carol Frandsen

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